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1. Air China provides Premium Economy Class seats on the following routes:

  • International routes (bi-directional):
    Beijing <-> Moscow; Beijing <-> Delhi; Beijing <-> Singapore; Beijing <-> Dusseldorf; Beijing <-> Stockholm; Beijing <-> Taipei; Beijing <-> Bangkok (Flight CA979/980); Beijing <-> Hong Kong (Flight CA111/112); Beijing <-> Vienna; Beijing <-> Osaka (Flight CA927/928); Beijing <-> Seoul (Flight CA123/124, CA125/126); Chengdu <-> Frankfurt; Beijing <-> Frankfurt (CA931/2).

  • Domestic routes (bi-directional, available on some flights):
    Beijing <-> Shanghai; Beijing <-> Guangzhou; Beijing <-> Shenzhen; Beijing <-> Chongqing; Beijing <-> Hohhot; Beijing <-> Urumqi

2. Special notice:

  1. On some connecting routes, Premium Economy Class seats are available only on some segments or on some flights on the route (Example 1: On the route Moscow– Beijing-Qingdao, only the segment between Moscow and Beijing offers Premium Economy Class; Example 2: On the route Bangkok–Beijing, only Flight CA979/980 offers Premium Economy Class);
  2. Premium Economy Class may not be available for the entire route (Example 3: On the route Frankfurt - Beijing);
  3. Although the route may offer Premium Economy Class seats, all of the seats on the selected flight may have been sold.
  • In these situations, the seat reservation system will assign seats based on the availability of seats on the flight, and will automatically substitute seats in another class for the segments and flights that have no Premium Economy Class. When the flight has open seats in Business Class or First Class, the system will automatically assign seats in those classes; if there are no open seats in a premium class, the system will automatically assign Economy Class seats.

  • Please review your seat assignments carefully during the booking process to confirm which class seat has been assigned for each segment of your trip.
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In the course of the online ticket booking process, you may encounter occasions where an Active-X control needs to be loaded and run in order to process a KICC payment, or when your web browser blocks a pop-up window.

  • Active-X controls that need to be loaded and run vary with the type of payment card you choose
  • These Active-X controls were developed and provided by the bank that issues the payment card you use
  • If you have already installed the Active-X control corresponding to the payment card you use on your computer device, you will not be asked to install it again during the online ticket booking process

To help you deal with these situations quickly, we have prepared the following tips to help you. Please configure your web browser as follows:

1. How to load and run an Active-X control

When an Active-X control needs to be loaded and run, a message will appear at the top of the web page stating "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer stopped this site from installing an ActiveX control on your computer. Click here for options." Click within this message field and click "Install ActiveX Control".

The same procedure applies to the loading and running of Active-X controls provided by some banks. If you still have problems loading and running the Active-X control during booking your ticket, please configure your web browser as follows to solve all of the problems you encounter:

Click the Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level in the web browser menu and configure the following items:

  • Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls: "Enable"
  • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting: "Enable"
  • Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting: "Enable" (Please change to "Disable" after you complete your ticket purchase successfully)
  • Download unsigned ActiveX controls: "Enable" (Change to "Disable" after you complete your ticket purchase successfully)
  • Download signed ActiveX controls: "Enable" (Please change to "Prompt" after you complete your ticket purchase successfully)
  • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: "Enable"

After you have finished changing the settings, click "Confirm" and then click "Apply".

2. How to disable pop-up blockers

Method 1: Click Tools/Internet Options/Privacy in the web browser menu and uncheck the "Turn on pop-up blockers".
Method 2: Click Tools/Pop-up Blockers/Turn Off Pop-up Blockers.

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Air China Booking reference
Business Class - Round Trip
Rome / Milan - Hong Kong / Taipei from    1650
Rome / Milan - Korea / Japan / Singapore from    1919
Rome - Guangzhou / Fuzhou / Hangzhou / Wenzhou / Xiamen from    1900
Rome / Milan - Shanghai from    1900

Economy Class - Round Trip
Rome / Milan - Beijing from    633
Rome / Milan - Bangkok / Manila from    610
Rome / Milan - Guangzhou / Fuzhou / Hangzhou / Xiamen / Shanghai / Wenzhou from    649
Rome / Milan - Chiang Mai from    693
Rome / Milan - Seam Reap from    690
Rome / Milan - Rangoon from    955

Special prices for 2 travelers:
Rome / Milan - Beijing / Shanghai from    1307
Rome / Milan - Chengdu / Xiamen / Shenzhen from    1247
Rome / Milan - Hong Kong / Taipei from    1043
Rome / Milan - Tokyo / Osaka / Seoul from    1198
Rome / Milan - Singapore / Bangkok / Manila from    1160